The Port of Barry is approximately 6 miles to the West of Cardiff and can accommodate vessels up to 23,000 Dwt with a maximum beam of 23.8m and length of 178m on a 9.0m draught.

Although there are no quayside cranes the port is serviced by two 160 tonne road going mobile cranes as well as a Fuchs materials tele handler.
In recent years Cargo Services has handled significant volumes of long length steel products in Barry and today there is a regular service from Latvia bringing in forest products.

Cargo Services (Stevedoring) Ltd are the appointed Stevedore for Scotts Timber who have a pallet making business on the Port estate.

Cargo Services (Ryans) Ltd use their low loader to transport all of the forklift trucks from their main Cardiff Depot to nearby Barry to be used shoreside on the Timber discharge of the Stevedoring operation.