Swansea is located towards the end of the Servern Estuary and is ABP's most Westerly port. It can accommodate vessels of 30,000 Dwt up to 200m in length with a maximum beam of 26.5m and a draught of 9.9m.

It is equipped with quayside cranes up to 40 tonnes capacity and has eight purpose built grab cranes.

Cargo Services (Ryans) Ltd operates a coal handling facility on behalf of EGL Energy at Graigola Wharf where it carries out screening, blending and weighing of the products prior to distribution throughout the UK from imported coal mainly coming in from Russia.

Cargo Services (Ryans) Ltd also carries out other bulk handling activities at Swansea where its transport arm brings in bulk tipper lorries with glass cullet and recycled metals which form cargoes for export to the near Continent, Spain and Portugal.

Cargo Services (Stevedoring) Ltd has also handled cargoes of steel coils, beams and pipes at Swansea in recent years.