Meet the team

The Original Team, 1997 The Original Team, 1997

The Cargo Services (UK) Group is jointly owned by Tony Davies (Chairman) and John Davey (Managing Director) who both have an equal 43% stake in the business. The other 14% is shared equally between Malcolm Newell (Financial Director) and Andy South (Transport Director).

The Cargo Services (UK) Group directly employs 92 staff throughout its organisation in South Wales and the Midlands.During extremely busy periods it has called on other associated companies to supplement its workforce. It has been known for its numbers to increase to in excess of 140 personnel on any one particular day.

The Organisation boasts many diverse traditional skills and specialist craftsmen among its workforce such as Ship & Cargo Agents, Stevedores, Crane drivers, Shipwrights, Riggers, Lashing & Cargo Securing specialists, Lorry drivers, Engine drivers, Fork lift truck drivers, transport pallet and export case makers, Plant and Crane fitters, Welders and Mechanical engineers.

For further information in particular areas please feel free to contact any one of the key team members whose details are shown in the following links:-

Board of Directors
Agency & Commercial Team
Port & Terminals Team
Transport & Forwarding Team
Administration & Accounts Team