Cargo Services (UK) Ltd. is a unique cargo handling provider dealing with both imported and exported cargoes comprising dry bulk and conventional break bulk cargoes. The workforce also have experience in handling passengers, livestock, explosives, containers as well as all types of project and heavy lift cargoes.

Amongst the prestigious projects the Company has been involved in are the handling of the structural steelwork for the second Severn Bridge Crossing and the world famous Millennium Stadium in Cardiff.

In terms of cargo volumes handled steel forms, by far, the highest percentage, followed by dry bulk, timber, general cargo and project & heavy lift cargoes. For further information and access to our photo gallery please click on the links below:-

Steel cargoes

Hot Rolled Coil, Wire Rod in Coil, Re-bar, Merchant Bar, Steel Beams & Profiles, Round, Hollow Sections (RHS),Steel Slab,Tinplate Top Hat Coils, Tinplate Bulks,Galvanised Coil.

Dry bulk cargoes

Anorthocite, Basalt Stone, Aggregates, Olivine Sand, Woodchip, Glass Cullet, Recycled Metals, Granulate Slag, Magnesium, Coal, Coking Coal, De tinned Steel, Manganese Ore.

Forest products

Hardwood, Softwood, Plywood / OSB, MDF, Palletwood, Cundy Poles & Logs, Paper Rolls, Paper Tissue, Woodpulp.

General cargoes

Cases & Crates, Motor Cars, Drums Fruit Juice, F.I.B.C.s (Big Bags), Non Ferrous Metals (zinc, lead, aluminium), Livestock, Explosives, Containers on Break Bulk Vessels, Sacks of Potatoes.

Project & heavy lift cargoes

Millennium Stadium, Severn Bridge, Railway Wagons and Engines, Mining Jacks, Windpower, Turbines & Blades, Nascelles, Crane parts, buses, large vehicles and Yachts.

Millennium Stadium Millennium Stadium
Severn Bridge Severn Bridge