R.M.S. St. Helena, Cardiff Stevedoring company launch, 1997 R.M.S. St. Helena, Cardiff Stevedoring company launch, 1997

This section covers the period from 1997 until the end of 2012:


Management buy-out of Ryan Transport and Cardiff Bulk Handling from Ryan Mining, which became based at Cold Stores Road at the Port of Cardiff.


Cardiff Bulk Handling begin haulage, handling and stevedoring of bulk Cargoes of peat moss in Cardiff and de-tinned scrap in Swansea. Ryan Transport establishes it's Midlands Depot in Bewdley.


Formation of Cardiff Stevedoring & Cargo Handling Co. Ltd.(5th June) who are the appointed stevedores for the local ASW Steelworks following the decision of ABP to withdraw from cargo handling at the Port of Cardiff.

Letter from Prince Andrew, Buckingham Palace, 1998 Letter from Prince Andrew, Buckingham Palace, 1998

Over 100 guests from local shipping fraternity attend a reception on the 22nd October aboard the R.M.S. St. Helena in Cardiff at Queen Alexandra Dock to officially launch the new Company.


Re-opening of the "old" Port Talbot Docks after being idle for 25 years (when iron ore traffic switched to the New Tidal Harbour taking 160,000 tonne vessels alongside the Margam Steelworks - now owned By Tata Steel). Ryan Transport enter into a long term agreement with Tarmac to handle granulated slag shipments.

M.V. Aastun is the first vessel to handle Granulated Slag at Port Talbot, 1998 M.V. Aastun is the first vessel to handle Granulated Slag at Port Talbot, 1998

Throughout 1998 Cardiff Stevedoring handled shipments of structural steelwork, some pieces weighing over 70 tonnes from Italy destined for the new Millennium Stadium in Cardiff. Ryan Transport delivered the steelwork which was a major operation involving the removal of certain items of street furniture in the centre of Cardiff, such as lamp posts and traffic lights, to enable the oversize pieces to pass through.


In January Cardiff Bulk Handling acquire the controlling interest in local timber and dunnage merchants Wm. Shapland & Sons Ltd. who are the oldest Timber Company in the City of Cardiff, tracing their origins back to 1840.


The year began with Cardiff Bulk Handling changing its name to Cargo Services (UK) Ltd. in January to embrace its three trading companies: Cardiff Stevedoring, Ryan Transport and Shaplands.

George Abbey (Head of NASA) presenting our ISO 9002 certificate in Cardiff Castle, 1999 George Abbey (Head of NASA) presenting our ISO 9002 certificate in Cardiff Castle, 1999

In June, Cargo Services (UK) Ltd. acquire lashing and securing cargo specialists Tenershire Marine (Wales) Ltd. based in Newport and Swansea.


Tenershire Marine secure contract for supply of dunnage timber supplies to Corus Steel (UK) for exports via Swansea and Cardiff and undertake stevedoring on behalf of ABP at Swansea.


On the 11th September 2002 Lysaghts Wharf, belonging to the Orb Steelworks on the River Usk in Newport, was re-opened after being defunct for several years. Cargo Services (UK) Ltd. were appointed to carry out stevedoring on the wharf and supply internal transport to carry steel coils from the wharf into the Works. The first cargo was landed from the the M.V. "EWALD" which brought in 2500 tonnes of steel coil from Duisburg. Cargo Services also carried out discharge of steel coils from rail wagons at the Works operating a gantry crane and rail shunt engine.

Cargo Services (U.K.) Ltd. new company logo, 2000 Cargo Services (U.K.) Ltd. new company logo, 2000


Cargo Services are appointed to carry out stevedoring at the Port of Cardiff on behalf of Celsa (UK) Ltd. who became the new owners of the local Steel works. On the 5th July 2003 the first Celsa vessel handled in Cardiff was the M.V."DELPHBORG" which brought in 4500 tonnes of Steel beams from Barcelona.

On the 22nd September 2003 the M.V. "EVERSMEER" carried the first Celsa export cargo of 4000 tonnes of steel billets and wire rod to Tarragona.

M.V Ewald is the first vessel to be handled when Lysaghts Wharf was re-opened in 2002 M.V Ewald is the first vessel to be handled when Lysaghts Wharf was re-opened in 2002


In April 2004, Cargo Services (UK) Ltd. took over the operation of Bird Port - a private Dock facility on the River Usk in Newport - entering a long term lease with the Bird Group. The Dock is a NAABSA berth with a capacity to handle vessels up to 8,000 tonnes dwt.


2005 marked the year when Cargo Services (UK) Ltd. became involved in Ships Agency. On the 22nd June 2005 Cargo Services were the appointed Ships Agents for Celsa when the M.V. "AACHEN" loaded 5,300 tonnes of wire rod in Cardiff for Barcelona.


On the 14th March 2006 we handled our first vessel for Dyfed Steels in Cardiff, the M.V. "BALTIC SEA" with 3101.000 tonnes of Hollow Sections from Turkey as well as our first Ship's Agency for Dyfed Steels.

The Cargo Services Group acquire Bird Port in 2004 The Cargo Services Group acquire Bird Port in 2004

On the 12th July 2006 we handled our first EAF dust shipment for Sudamin. The product from Celsa loaded in big one tonne bags was shipped out of 'H' Shed aboard the "NURAL STEVNS" with 2256.660 tonnes for Sardinia for which we were the appointed Agents. The operation later moved to 'A' Shed in August.

On the 22nd August 2006 we handled our first Agency at Bird Port when Rockwool brought in 3500 tonnes of coking coal from Rotterdam. This was followed by an Agency for a shipment of 1600 tonnes of lump iron at Bird Port for Germany. The year ended with a second Rockwool coke vessel in December.

First Agency in Bird Port, 2006 for a cargo of coking coal First Agency in Bird Port, 2006 for a cargo of coking coal


At Bird Port in January we had our first Agency for CMC there when the "NORDERAU" brought in 3200 tonnes of merchant bar from Turkey. Then in February we had our first coil vessel agency when Thyssen Krupp brought in a cargo of 2700 tonnes from Duisburg on the "EEMS TRADER".

August saw our first Deep Sea Agency on the M.V. "THARINEE NARVEE" with 11,522.859 of steel beams from China for CMC which we discharged at the Roath Dock. This was followed by the "LE TAI" with 16,898 tonnes in November and the "ATHENA" with 14,183 tonnes in December.

In September we had our first Agency for F.W. Morgan who began trading in Queen Alexandra Dock and set up in 'C' Shed. The "BALTISKY III" brought in 2300m3 of Timber from Brake in Germany and CSL did the stevedoring.

Magazine article, 1998 Magazine article, 1998

In November we had our first Agency in Swansea when the "WILSON HAWK" discharged 2490 tonnes of coking coal ex Antiles at 4 quay.

On 5th November 2007 we entered into a new Commercial Agreement with ABP giving us priority, but not exclusivity, of certain Transit Sheds, and authorisation to charge our own vessel dues and cargo dues.


In March we handled scrap for Celsa for the first time in BirdPort when the "ARKLOW FAME" bought in 2519 tonnes from Derry.

M.V Sally Anne C, 2008 M.V Sally Anne C, 2008

On the 4th May we undertook our first Corus Ships Agency on "EEMS TRADER" at Lysaghts Wharf. The vessel discharged 2790.980 tonnes of Thyssen coils from Duisburg.

On the 15th November the "SALLY ANNE C" was our first Celsa Deep Sea Agency when 10,139.861 tonnes of re-bar were shipped to Brisbane in Australia.

On the 8th December we did our first "joint" Agency with C. M. Willie as the "ADDI L" brought in Celsa re-bar and Spanish liner generals for C. M. Willie. On the 22nd December we did our first granulate Agency at Port Talbot on behalf of Adam Chartering when the "SEA EAGLE" loaded 2346 tonnes for Waterford.

Loading CELSA Deep Sea coil & rebar export, 2009 Loading CELSA Deep Sea coil & rebar export, 2009


2009 reflected a low trading year generally in the UK ports economy. However it proved a significant year for Cargo Services who were appointed South Wales Logistics Services Provider for coil export and slab import on behalf of Corus South Wales. Our first Corus vessel under the new contract was the "CELTIC PRIDE" which loaded 1040.470 tonnes of coil for Bilbao out of Bird Port on the 18th August 2009.

At the end of August we also made new ground when we covered two Agencies for Corus due to annual leave. These were both Corus export vessels - our first sub-agencies for them in this respect - the "BEAUMARIS" loaded 2285.960 tonnes of coil for Sagunto on the 27th August and the "PINTA" loaded 2137.900 tonnes of coil for Bilbao.

Newspaper article, 1999 Newspaper article, 1999

We did two further sub-agencies for Corus in November before we took on the East Wales Agency for Corus full time starting with the "KREMPETOR" on the 3rd December which loaded 2829.702 tonnes of coil for Antwerp followed by 15 others in December.

Cardiff continued with Celsa Deep Sea exports with the "BBC ORINICO" loading 15,001.212 of re-bar for Brisbane in April and the "MUNTEBORG" and "CAROLA" loading 7661.260 tonnes and 7539.044 tonnes respectively of steel billets for Morocco in May. In June, the "MARION GREEN" loaded 15,110.239 tonnes of re-bar and in August the "MARK C" loaded 15,917.004 tonnes both for Brisbane.

Cardiff Stevedoring handle all structural steework for the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff, 1998  Cardiff Stevedoring handle all structural steework for the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff, 1998

In November the "UNION DIAMOND" brought in the largest cargo of timber from Halmstad in Sweden for Travis Perkins with 5191.055 cubic metres which discharged at the Roath Dock in Cardiff.


On the 20th January 2010, John Davey attained membership of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers (MICS) by writing a dissertation of "The Severn Barrage and its Impact and Implications for Ports and Commercial Shipping in the upper reaches of the Severn Estuary".

John Davey becomes member of the I.C.S, 2010 John Davey becomes member of the I.C.S, 2010

On the 1st August 2010 John Davey was appointed an authorised collector of light dues by Trinity House and is registered as a Branch Light Dues Officer.

Cardiff handled both imports of slabs and exports of coil for Corus for which we handled the Agencies and at the end of September Corus became TATA Steel. In July and August, Celsa exported two Deep Sea Shipments of steel billets (each just under 10,000 tonnes) to Tunisia; and the "MAGDALENA GREEN" loaded 8577.418 tonnes of re-bar for Brisbane. TATA ended the year with an export of 6549.690 tonnes of steel coil for Turkey via Cardiff.

Bird Port All Weather Rail Terminal opens in 2010 Bird Port All Weather Rail Terminal opens in 2010


The year started with 37 Agencies in January, and the year as a whole was a record one with us undertaking 338 Agencies. The best month was March with 44 Agencies. It was a poignant reminder how the Agency business had grown since the first month back in July 2005 from just 2 Agencies.

In Easter 2011, both John and Adrienne Davey were successful in radio operator examinations which gave them approval of licenced VHF operators by OFCOM. They are therefore qualified to communicate with forthcoming vessels on behalf of Agency via VHF to track and update positions.

M.V Sir Albert loads our first cargo at Cardiff for TATA International in 2011 M.V Sir Albert loads our first cargo at Cardiff for TATA International in 2011

In the summer, from the 14th June to 17th September Lloyd Davey was seconded to TATA West Wales Shipping Department in Port Talbot. This was a successful venture from both sides and TATA indicated that they would call on Lloyd's services in future to cover annual leave requirements in West Wales.

New ground was broken when we carried out two shipments on behalf of TATA International for which we were appointed Ships Agents. Both were Deep Sea vessels chartered via New York and London. The M.V. "ST. GEORGE" loaded 29,360.490 tonnes of steel coils in Newport for Kandla in India from the 1st to the 9th October 2011 and the M.V. "SIR ALBERT" loaded 9,708.710 tonnes of steel coils for Brazil out of Cardiff.

Wind Farm Project, 2012 Wind Farm Project, 2012


At the beginning of the year Cargo Services entered into a tripartite agreement with Celsa Steel (UK); Celsa Steel Services and ABP to handle all of their Celsa pre-purchase material on the Port Estate at Cardiff. This involved receiving material straight from the Steelworks, putting it into temporary storage prior to delivery to U.K. customers.

In August Cargo Services (UK) Ltd were successful in renewing their logistics contract with Tata Steel (UK) for a further three year period.

In September Cargo Services diversified from working in Ports and Cargo Terminals to actually working within the Celsa Steelworks in Cardiff, supplying labour to carry out re-processing work of steel on site.


2013 was again a very successful year for Cargo Services.
Starting early in the year, in April planning permission had been given by Newport County Council for an All Weather Terminal to be constructed at Bird Port I which is still under construction but will be open for business in the second quarter of 2014
In June, 1 million tonnes of cargo has been handled since the rail terminal at Bird Port opened in 2010.

In August Cargo services Ships Agency Department received an unusual request when the M.V Abis Cardiff sailed from Bird Port with a cargo of 5000 tonnes of steel coils bound for Misurata in Algeria. The vessel experienced immediate engine trouble and put in at Blue Anchor Bay off the Somerset coast. Cargo Services arranged for a team of specialist engineers to be flown into Cardiff airport and hired the services of a motor launch to ferry the engineers back and fore to the vessel from Cardiff Bay Marina.

When the M.V. AJOS G sailed from Bird Port on Saturday the 28th September 2013 with a cargo of 2304.115 tonnes of steel coils bound for Bilbao, it marked two significant landmarks for the Cargo Services Group. It meant that Bird Port had not only handled its highest ever monthly total of 75,442 tonnes but it had also surpassed the half a million tonne mark with cargo through the port for the year to date at 502,301 tonnes.

On Wednesday 30th October 2013, Cargo Services (Agency) Ltd was re-appointed as Cargo & Ships sub-agents for TATA Steel in South East Wales.

In early November 2013, Cargo Services provided Stevedoring services for a project cargo which came into Cardiff. It comprised four Silos which came on the M.V 'Coronel' from Tallinn.

As the year came to a close, Cargo Services Agency arm was pleased to announce a record year in the number of ships agencies it had undertaken. The M.V. "Swami" arrived in Cardiff on the 30th December from Mo-I-Rana in Norway with a Cargo of 3778 Tonnes of Steel Billets for the local Celsa Steelworks in Cardiff and became number 343 on the list if ships agencies for 2013. The previous best was 338 agencies in 2011.


The all weather steel handling facility for the Bird Port dock opened August 2014. .