Cargo Securing

Nothing is more important than cargo securing when dealing with export cargoes. Once the cargo in question has been shipped and stowed aboard in the vessel's cargo hold, it is vitally important that it remains in situ and doesn't move during its forthcoming voyage - no matter how small the distance to be traveled to the next Port.

Cargo not secured safely and properly can result in damage to the cargo, damage to the ship and can even lead to the loss of cargo, loss of the ship and most significantly the tragic loss of life itself.

Cargo Services (UK) Ltd. has a team of expert riggers and specialist shipwrights who have the necessary training, expertise and experience over many years to lash and secure any type of cargo so that it arrives at its destination port in a safe and damage free condition.

The main forte of Cargo Services (UK) Ltd. is the lashing and securing of steel cargoes out of South Wales for Tata (UK) and Celsa (UK).This involves shipwright work with flat dunnage and coil chocks combined with lashing and securing using Signode metal banding. This lashing system superseded the traditional use of wire rope and bottle screws. The special lashing methods which were innovated by Cargo Services subsidiary Tenershire Marine (Wales) Ltd. and first introduced in 1985 are now recognised throughout the Shipping Industry and used on a worldwide basis.

Cargo Services (UK) Ltd. also specialise in securing cargoes inside containers, again using a combination of timbers and lashing systems.

The expertise of Cargo Services is frequently called upon to secure Heavy Lift and Project Cargoes which are shipped out from around the U.K. This sometimes involves using tension chains, heavy duty strapping, wires and cables and welding special lashing points to the vessels' bulkheads and tank tops.

The International Maritime Organisation publication "Code of Safe Practice for Stowage and Securing of Cargo" incorporates the accepted method of stowage of steel coils and securing guidelines that Cargo Services (UK) Ltd. deploy on behalf of Tata Steel.