Cargo Services (UK) Ltd can offer its customers a choice of extensive undercover warehousing facilities at its operations in Bird Port and Cardiff of over 61,000 sq metres (650,000 sq.ft)

Bird Port

Bird Port has over 15,000 square metres (162,000 sq.ft) of modern cantilever warehousing available alongside the Dock. The largest warehouse is 8,000 square metres (86,000 sq.ft)and has 3 bays equipped with 3 overhead gantry cranes each with a capacity of 28 tonnes. The other warehouse facility has 4 bays equipped with 4 x 10 tonne overhead Goliath cranes.


Cardiff can offer up to 46,000 square metres (495,150 sq.ft)of modern warehousing under a special priority agreement with the Port Authority.

Queens Dock Terminal (North) 27,500 square metres(296,000 sq.ft)

Roath Dock Terminal (South) 9,000 square metres (96,885 sq.ft )

Queens Dock Terminal (South) 9,500 square metres (102,265 sq.ft)